PhD Candidacy Application

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Conference: CHI PLAY 2019 (October 22-25, Barcelona, Spain)
Conference Information: ACM SIGCHI Conference, Acceptance rate 28% (this year) 

Statement from Adviser: 
Sabbir Ahmad worked as the first author on this paper. He had been working as an RA on a project funded by DARPA. And the paper came as an outcome of the project, where Sabbir led the data processing and analysis for the visualization systems that were used to visualize group behavior. He then led the writing of the paper which will be published in October at CHI Play (Computer-Human Interaction in Play) – an ACM CHISIG conference and one of the main conferences in the field of games research. Through this paper, Sabbir has demonstrated good ability and competence in developing and conducting research within the field of games research since he led the development of the system as well as the data processing and analysis aspects of the project. The paper received very good reviews encouraging more research in this direction. 

Sabbir Ahmad
NUID: 001860911