Research Interest
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Analytics
  • Computer Vision

Research Experience
  • The Flexible Group Spatial Keyword Query [Jan ’15 - Feb ’16]                            [Undergraduate Thesis]
In this research, we designed algorithms to find best places for a group of users depending on spatial distance and keyword similarity. We also considered variations such as subgroup of a fixed size and a range of sizes to find best places for subgroup of users. Our algorithms based on IR-tree, performs efficiently on large dataset. Complexity analysis of the proposed algorithms have been conducted.

Published inDatabases Theory and Applications. ADC 2017. [pdf][link]
  • Test Case Generation for Automated Software Testing [April ’16 - February '17]                     
We have proposed a novel technique to generate test cases depending on Genetic Algorithm taking into account, the impact of the test case on the program and the effectiveness for checking boundary conditions. We have designed a fitness function to evaluate the test cases for automated software testing. Implementation and experimental evaluation are being conducted improvement. [pdf]