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Academic Projects
Deep Learning
    • Face Recognition
    • Poem Generator
    • Image Classification
    • Clustering in Gaussian Mixture
          Machine Learning
    • Cryptocurrency Analysis
    • KNN Text Classification
    • Naive Bayes Text Classification
    • Ada Boosting
    • Slicing Floorplan by Simulated Annealing 
    • Nachos Extension (Java)
    • Routing Protocol Implementation (Distance Vector Routing) (Java)
    • Simple Search Engine (Python)
Information System Design
    • Football Club Management
    • Parser Generator
    • Compiler for Pascal Language - Converts Pascal program to 80x86 assembly code
Computer Graphics
    • Ray Tracing
    • Modeling Exterior of Taj Mahal
Software Development
    • Remote Desktop Sharing & Chat Messenger (Java)
    • Online File Submission System (Java)
    • Fractal Generator (C/C++)
    • Online Store Management (CodeIgniter, PHP, Oracle)
    • Routing Protocol Implementation
Web Development
    • Webpage for Online Shop (HTML, CSS)
    • 4-bit Microprocessor Design and Implementation
    • Computer-Based Data Acquisition System

Research Projects
  • Group Spatial Keyword Query Processor
A program which finds an optimal meeting location (e.g. a restaurant) for a group of people. The location is selected based on two criteria: its distance from the positions of the group members and the textual similarity between its description and the query keywords supplied by the group members. The program runs very efficiently on large datasets.
  • Test Case Generation for Automated Software Testing
A novel technique to generate test cases depending on Genetic Algorithm taking into account, the impact of the test case on the program and the effectiveness for checking boundary conditions. We have designed a fitness function to evaluate the test cases for automated software testing. Implementation and experimental evaluation are being conducted improvement.

Self-Motivated Project
  • Class-note
    Project descriptionThis project is intended to manage and share class notes and other study materials with others. The website is categorized by universities. Study materials of different courses can be uploaded by selecting level and terms including the department of the respective course. A user can view and download the materials shared. Users must register to have an account for uploading materials. To prevent the misuse of the sharing potential, registered users can report against a file that would be verified by the administration later. Users can add courses and also request for a university or a department if not present in the current website.

Consultancy Projects
  • VAPT on Database Server from Broker House-AB Bank
Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing on database server application form client bank. Security tools and methods were used to test and a report was generated on the application behavior for accessing unauthorized access information.
  • Security and Functionality of Mobile Financial Service System of Rupali Bank-SureCash
Security check for mobile financial activities of Rupali Bank-SureCash. A survey report on server configuration, functionality assessment, vulnerability and penetration testing was submitted.