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Academic Projects

Deep Learning

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Information System Design


Computer Graphics

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Research Projects

A program which finds an optimal meeting location (e.g. a restaurant) for a group of people. The location is selected based on two criteria: its distance from the positions of the group members and the textual similarity between its description and the query keywords supplied by the group members. The program runs very efficiently on large datasets.

A novel technique to generate test cases depending on Genetic Algorithm taking into account, the impact of the test case on the program and the effectiveness for checking boundary conditions. We have designed a fitness function to evaluate the test cases for automated software testing. Implementation and experimental evaluation are being conducted improvement.

Self-Motivated Project

Consultancy Projects

Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing on database server application form client bank. Security tools and methods were used to test and a report was generated on the application behavior for accessing unauthorized access information.

Security check for mobile financial activities of Rupali Bank-SureCash. A survey report on server configuration, functionality assessment, vulnerability and penetration testing was submitted.